back to article US-EU online gambling haggle extended

The US now has until 14 December to come up with a trade compensation scheme for the blow its curbs on internet gambling have dealt EU firms. Politicos have effectively imposed a trade embargo that bans foreign firms from playing in the US's multibillion dollar gaming market. It has sent their stock tumbling. Talks between US …


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Anonymous Coward

His bargaining position is undermined

As ever, he'll find his bargaining position is undermined by the EU nations.

The American guy will point to the French and their arrest of the Swede for this British on line gaming company, if the French don't allow outside operators, how can you claim that USA can't do the same?

Then he'll point to the UK's block on Antigua based gaming companies and that's just a straight trade barrier too. How is it different?

Again and again the story is the same, the EU cannot negotiate because it's position is undermined by one or two of the nations.

We need a much strong ass-kicking EU Commission than we have now. It not good enough to leave it to companies to take countries to the ECJ, the Commission should be more vigorously enforcing the directives they've all signed up to.

They don't have to be popular. They just have to get the job done.

Plus, I think it's also pruning time. When you have countries that won't ever sign up to the basics it's time to cut them free and move along with the ones that want to move forward.

I view the basics as, freedom of movement, single currency, freedom of trade, fundamental human rights.

Anonymous Coward

Today's $100bn

is December's $110bn, given the exchange rates, I reckon. So the sooner they cough up, the less it'll cost 'em...


To the anonymouse one

Odd, though, that the US doesn't let "but they do it too" to work with places they don't like. Like, oh, Iran. France make nukes too!

Anonymous Coward

Pruning time please...

I'd love the pruning to begin, can you begin by pruning off that annoying thorn called the UK please ?

I'm not completely certain our end position would be beneficial but considering the similarities to the Swiss position (in terms of ecomomies based on world Banking) we could be sitting quite nicely thanks very much.

Yes, thats "World" Investment Banking you know, it means it comes from other places than Europe you know....

We wouldn't be dumping our current £6 billion+ a year into the CAP either, which could go quite far. After 2007 we are dumping in 20% more thanks to giving up part of the rebate.

So the wise old EU has 126 billion budget and spends just under half propping up farming by paying for fields to be left empty instead of doing something sensible like growing biofuels which could be sold explicitly for Fuel and not allowed onto the open marker as a food product.

With the UK being a major net contributor to the EU please remind me how this benefits the UK? Oh, of course, so we still have the chance to sign up to the Schengen treaty for some really really really porous borders....

So Mr Pruner, how's about looking at the much bigger picture and think of scrapping the billions and billions wasted in the CAP instead of squabbling over a few quid lost over gambling.

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It's agreed then

"I'm not completely certain our end position would be beneficial but considering the similarities to the Swiss position (in terms of ecomomies based on world Banking) we could be sitting quite nicely thanks very much."

It seems to be an agreed point. UK can go it's own way and Europe goes it's way. Switzerland is not a good pruning candidate, it removes its employment barriers in 2008, and Swiss banks treat Euro as interchangable with Swiss Franc now.

The eastern European countries are planning on integrating into Schengen and Euro, France is in Schengen and Euro but has some minor trade barriers, not exactly enough to make it prunable.

I didn't mention UK as a prune candidate, although I think it is the clear prune target. Europe will rebalance it'd budget sans UK, UK can go join NAFTA of whatever it wants.

All the weird anti-freedom thinking will be removed, all the ideas about internal Europe barriers will go, GBP can do whatever it wants, Euro doesn't depend on GBP stability, in terms of resources Uk is a net oil importer now and there's no resource Europe is dependant on the UK for. The penalties without judicial process that has spread from the UK will end. A lot of the undermining of EU policy in world negotiations ends.

BTW you're a net food importer.

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No big deal

How is this for a solution:

The US Congress re-opens online gambling but taxes it unto death just like the EU and the rest of the world does.

The EU imposes whatever amount they like as a punishment which is fine because it counted against war loans made to the various member states of the EU and of course is just a drop in the bucket with interest and currency adjustments.

The WTO gets to act like a real world body rather than the rich boy social club it really is. The EU gets another one over on the US and no one gets hurt.

Anonymous Coward

More pruning comments...

OK Mr Anglophobe, lets disect your arguments :

"Switzerland is not a good pruning candidate...."

The UK has always had free movement of employee's, are much further integrated into Europe and pay fully (excepting the CAP rebate) into the coffers which is much more than can be said for Switzerland.

Please do educate me how you prune a country that is not a member and in 2001 voted not to join ? Am I confused or you stupid ?

"France is not exactly prunable"

Did you miss the last 35 years of news or did not notice that France is instrumental in EU policy and descisions and that recently their public showed a large deegree of Euro-skeptiscism. Do educate me how you ever eexpect anyone in Europe to agree to pruning france.

They are as obstinate and self serving as any other country could stand accused of in the EU, refusing to bend when it suits them and demanding others bend over when they want something different.

"Europe will be fine, the UK can go join NAFTA or whatever"

Ok, so your not only showing the real reasons you hate the UK, because of our Politicians tendency to be the lapdog of the US but I don't like that either. I don't like watching our Politicians bending to Mr Bushes every whim.

Biggest thing to note here is you completley missed the original intention of the EU, which was for free trade between European countries. You seem to want walls between the UK and Europe, maybe so you can self serve your own dreams and like it or not we're your neighbours. We're part of Europe and firmly attached to the Eurasian plate.

"Last paragraph/sentence"

I am very curious on your closing paragraph, I'd love to see how prescence of the UK spreads "Anti-freedom" thinking, how "penalties without judicial process" have come from the UK and how "undermining of EU policy" is soley the UK's fault, are the UK the only country to go against the will of the EU ? According to you the UK has created "Internal European barriers"

Hmmmm, I think not.

Please go and do a bit of research of the meaning of the word "Euro-realist" and look at the original intention of the EU and free trade agreements between members. Thats very different from the idea of a super state making federal law for a European Federation.

You seem to have an anti-American slant and would see us chopped from the Eurasian plate and sent over the Atlantic, leaving you living in splendid isolation in Glorious Europe, all living together as one without that nasty old neighbour living on the other side of the river (The Channel)

You might do well to watch the news and note that there are other dissenters in Europe who don't want the European Court deciding national law, international policy, tax's, border control and so forth. Look at the last referendum and the current list of dissenters.

Oh and by the way, unless you didn't notice the whole of the EU is a net food importer and the prices we pay are estimated as 40% higher than world market prices dictate because of import tarrifs and the CAP.

Maybe one reason for lack of food production in the UK can be attributed to the population explosion since the 50's from migration so tell me again about the benefits of the Schengen treaty please ?

Time to stop my mega-rant but before you go please inform me of the benefit of having to import European Wheat/beef/vegetable oil's at 140% of the price we could buy from Africa, which co-incedentally could help lift them out of poverty ?

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