back to article Pentagon hacker wins right to UK appeal

Gary McKinnon, the self-described "bumbling amateur" who allegedly got access to US government and military computers while researching space aliens, has been given leave to appeal his case in the UK. McKinnon was due to be extradicted to the US to face charges but took his final appeal to the House of Lords. They decided 11 …


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Its about time

Its about time that the UK gov stands up in this case and tells the US no! i've been following this case for a long time and i've become very frustrated and disappointed over how the US government has handled this.

It became very clear early on that the US government was not out for justice in this case, but out for vengeance. being an American, it has sickened me watching this case unfold, i think the US prosecutors in this case need to be tried on ethics charges. right up front they violated Gary's "basic human rights" by offering him reduced in exchange for voluntary extradition, which is illegal by international law. the US gov doesnt want to punish him for his actions, they want to use him as a scapegoat, a sacrificial lamb to the media and to the american public, because he made them look stupid.

There should be plenty of trials conducted in this case, but Gary McKinnon shouldnt be the one on trial. the stupid ass fucking retarded system administrators in charge of the pentagon network should be the ones on trial failing to secure that network. leaving open doors for random people to come waltzing in.

I'm glad to see the House of the Lords finally did the right thing and kept this case in the UK.


Hate to say it but..............

The UK justice system doesnt have the balls to stand up the the US.

This should never have been allowed to have become a question of whether the trial should be in the US,

The guy is a UK citizen with the supposed 'rights and protections' that go with this, the alledged offence was actually committed within the UK.

Tell the US to sod off he will stay here.

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