back to article Leprechaun steals Gandalf's trousers, is offered starring role in The Hobbit

Microsoft has announced its intention to try to read our minds. Saying it wants to better understand human-computer interaction, the mega-corporation has filed a patent for a psychic alternative to those irritating surveys no one likes. You were full of dystopian predictions: It looks like you're trying to compose a thought. …


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Leprechaun Escalation...

Leprechaun Escalation... I think they're already on the (IT) case...

* Switching the mouse buttons round

* Causing windows to attempt, and fail, to install the same "update" every day (XML4 update, for those that care)

* DirectX 10.

See - there are IT related issues here :p

Gates Horns

RE: Leprechaun Escalation...

Are you saying MS are using the same excuse?

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