back to article Tibco middleware in zero-day security flap

Security researchers have identified multiple unpatched vulnerabilities in a widely-used content distribution package. Tibco's SmartPGM FX multicasting software is prone to multiple remote vulnerabilities, including four stack-based buffer-overflow flaws, a format-string issue, and a potential denial of service bug. Hackers …


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Nothing to see, move on

From the link in the item: "Currently we are not aware of any exploits for these issues."

So, there's a vulnerability in a piece of software, whoop-de-doo.

When did el-reg turn into full-disclosure?

Anonymous Coward

interesting for sector players

.. i say plenty to see if you work for any company in this market space. Tibco do have competitors who offer alternative solutions.

only nothing to see if you're not interested, or don't wish this to be publically known.

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