back to article US court demands stronger copyright filters for Morpheus

A permanent injunction has been imposed on the distributor of the Morpheus file-sharing software. A US court ruled yesterday that StreamCast Inc. must use "the most effective means available to reduce the infringing capabilities of the system." The ruling comes less than a week after Google announced the launch of its own …


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Radiohead sell 1.2 million copies, about $10 million, big success

In other news, Radioheads name your price album seems to have sold 1.2 million copies. The box set was $80, if the downloads were an average say $8 then they made 10 million.

Who needs record companies now? You just need a brand name and a good promotional idea.

Oh, and Forbes is trying to paint 1.2 million sales vs 500,000 pirated downloads as a failure.... glass 2/3rds full and more money to the band.

Anonymous Coward

So are Gun makers responsible for murder

Or indeed knife manufactures. I can't see how in any sensible impartial view software makers can be held responsible for laws broken by the user. It is like saying Colt should be held responsible for murders carried out with their guns.

American duality at work again, whats good for the goose is not always good for the gander


Who cares?

Seriously - let's look at what is out there:

eDonkey network




Kad Network




to name just a few.. I know, I know, some of those are broken for some or all clients, but a decent client 'protocol aggregator' like mldonkey will pretty much allow you to use some or all of these. Pull the plug on one network and about five more will spring up. It's driven by what the consumer wants. And the consumer wants to share. You absolutely cannot stop it. period.


Great quote

'He also noted that "Morpheus users have the continued ability to pillage..."'


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Very good news

The more they do to slow down the stealing of goods on the Internet the better. It's a long hard journey but without it being won it will cost lots of people their jobs. Those stealing are making every excuse they can think of to cover their thieving but in the end it's that. They are thieving.

They tell us how much money the artist or recording companies are making or how bad the product is. Well the record and film companies are not fighting this because they are making money and when their profits are down it's the guys at the bottom who lose their jobs. Guys like the thieves family. And if the film is not worth buying, than don't buy it and don't steal it.

Can I steal their computer because they make too much money or it's not worth buying?

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