back to article Serial typosquatter settles FTC charges

An internet hijacker who allegedly registered 5,500 copycat web addresses in a bid to divert lost surfers onto a porno site has agreed to hand over $164,000 to settle charges brought against him by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC). Defendant John Zuccarini also agreed to refrain from dodgy business practices and abide by …


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  1. TLA


    Is it really worth jail time? It appears this man values money over his own freedom, one would hope the fine is more effective.

  2. Rick Brasche

    good thing...

    he wasn't a murdering punk gangster, child molester, drug runner, or wife abuser, who knows how much time he would've, wait....

    Goes to show you....*never* mess with the Money. Kill people, destroy things, lie and cheat, but leave Commerce and Those Who Control It alone.

    the first WTC attack, the USS Cole, hostages and bombings and aircraft on a monthly basis, it seemed. Ordinary people dying all over the world.

    But destroy the WTC and all those businesses, threaten all those Wall Street businesses, hit the players in the Pentagon, and allow those on Capitol Hill to find out they could actually be as vulnerable as the "peons" under their rule...suddenly there was no problem allowing violent military retribution. The entire world either actively supported or turned a blind eye to the proceedings.

    The Money had been attacked, OBL had broken the Golden Rule, and his family let him be punished, and the Soros's of the world made sure lesson was understood 'round the world.

    Notice how even in America there's not nearly the Big Media outcry when stopping bank robbers with lethal force. Copy a CD, get punished more than someone who commits armed robbery of homes. Register a domain that looks like a Big Corporation, before they think about it, and you're a criminal getting more jail time than any *two* female teachers involved with their underage students.

    Way I see it, if a site is being used, and what it's being used for isn't illegal (if the guy in the article had been redirecting to a Clinton "save the children" site do you think he'd have been prosecuted?) then "typosquatting" shouldnt be a crime. Not my problem people mistype or that the Mega Corp didn't plan ahead. It's a "you snooze, you lose" like the rest of the world has to deal with.

    Like patents. If I patent something and don't include every little detail, Mega Corp comes along and patents the one detail out of a hundred I miss, they're in the clear. Same should go to domains. If you want the domain, buy it. Just like buying property. If I buy land that's considered worthless, but either from urban sprawl or mineral rights it comes to be worth many times more, and Big Corp buys a neighboring plot, should I be required to give it up?

    (okay, bad example, since socialists and the 9th Circuit Court in California all agree that private property, and soon anything you own, can be taken and given to someone else if that generates more revenue for the city/county/State/Fatherland.)

    Can't stand in the way of Money..err..Progress! Not in America, not in Europe, not anywhere.

  3. Alan Donaly

    The sense of entitlement

    of these businesses is pretty thick I agree the guys a weasel but what he did shouldn't be illegal since when do you have the right to things you didn't pay for most domain registrars will give you a long list of misspellings and similar names to get when you sign up for one if your worried about it one or two letters off and suddenly you get it for free hows that work.

  4. Ole Juul Silver badge

    Two seperate issues

    There were separate civil and criminal prosecutions going on here. Zuccarini was jailed for 30 months for possession of child pornography which would make sense. However, the typosquatting is a completely different matter. This guy may be a complete turd, but there is nothing wrong with typosquatting as far as I'm concerned.

    Spelling is a personal responsibility. I wouldn't mind learning to spell better than I do and I welcome criticism on the subject. For several reasons I always type my URLs into a search engine so bad spelling doesn't lead to odd sites in any case. If you enter your URLs directly, I think you should be willing to accept the consequenses of your actions. My take is, learn to spell, do what I do, or just lump it.

  5. Tom Silver badge

    Why not do the same for SPAM?

    Hit those guys in the pocketbooks!! Given that a bunch of them are for mortgages (usually sub-prime) maybe that was the cause of the credit crunch in the USA.

    Wishful thinking I suspect. Oh, well.....

  6. BillboBaggins

    Hang On

    The guy was not being done because he was doing people out of money! He was done because he was redirecting children to porn sites!

    I’m not against porn, far from it, but it should be kept away from children. How would you feel if your 7 year old son or daughter was looking for the Teletubbies or Bugs Bunnie and to be bombarded with pictures of explicit sex instead? I’m sure you would then have something to say.

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