back to article Compellent IPO a driving force?

The storage biz has once again birthed a surprisingly successful IPO — but how will adolescence treat it? SAN specialist Compellent made the public leap earlier this week, offering shares at $13.50 under the symbol CML. From there, shares leaped to $24 at closing, almost double the initial price. Honeymoon trading didn't last, …


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Dear god in heaven.

Please, please, pretty please tell me that this is a satire article of some kind. I don't think I can continue living knowing that there's a company which calls itself "Compellent".

I can just see the brainstorming session that vomited that one up on the table: "I've got it! Awesoment!" "Nah, too obvious. How about Greatent?" "Not enough characters." "Superent? Terrificis? Persuasys?" "Ah hah! That's it! COMPELLENT!"

At least Persuasys would have had a shred of originality.

This topic is closed for new posts.


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