back to article AP sues Moreover over aggravated aggregation

News agency Associated Press (AP) is suing Verisign over that company's unlicensed use of AP news stories. The suit relates to Verisign-owned news aggregation site Moreover. Moreover is a news publishing service designed to bring news to users very quickly after the news is published. It operates free to use and subscription …


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Jobs Horns

So does mean Balmer is going to sue the AP now?

OK, since one cannot spell Microsoft Windows Operating Sysems without using an "A" and a "P", does this mean they're going to sue the AP for copyright, trademark, service mark and possible patent infringments?

<hangs head> I'm sorry, it had to be said... </hangs head>

Paris Hilton will be targeted next, as soon as Balmer get done digesting everybody else...

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