back to article EU privacy verdict on Google set for new year

European data watchdogs will deliver their judgement on whether Google's data warehousing policies are violating privacy laws in the new year. Reuters reports an official from the Article 29 Working Group said yesterday: "We have written to Google to say that we are continuing our work, that it is not limited to Google, and …


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Will this legislation be effective?

Will the wharehousing limits apply to just search (aka or to the entire google network?

Adscense, google maps, utube, doubleclick to be, google-office, gmail, ...

Does google really have to delete the data, or just "anonymize" it by setting cookies to self destruct in a year? Google will obviously issue new cookies so this approach is totally ineffective for anonimizing purposes.

I hope this legislation goes a bit more technical than just placing a duration clause in.

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