back to article Eircom moves closer to split

The Irish Department of Communications has confirmed reports that Eircom has made a submission regarding splitting the company. A spokeswoman for the Department told ENN that Eircom made the submission recently and that the Minister for Communications, Energy and Natural Resources, Eamon Ryan, is currently studying it. "It's …


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Double the incompetance - double the fun!

GRR! Two Eircoms - one's too many in my book.

Anyone remember the good ole days when ESB was just ESB?

Back when you just rang the number, got through to the ESB and they sent out an ESB guy to fix your electricity? Great times!

Nowdays no matter what number you ring up or what you want done it's always the other company you need, "no you need ESB networks, you'll have to ring them."

And now they want to do this with Eircom huh?

One Eircom not enough for the bastards eh?

So I guess now instead of one endless eternity waiting for Eircom to do something - anything - you can wait double that time as they pass the buck over and back between Eircom and Eircom Networks.

Multiple Eircoms man! It's a horror just too ghastly to contemplate.

Come back Telecom Eireann we forgive you!

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Well spread incompetence.

"Were there a split then there would probably be new regulations put in place to ensure consumers were treated fairly."

Hardly to believe: last year the comreg said after thousand of people complained about being scammed by NTL that being a private company they cannot be fined or directed on how they conduct their business.

The comreg has no power on the private companies

The ministry of communication has no power on private companies

The associations that are supposed to help consumers have no power on private ompanies (thay just pass complaints)

And what about all the other bunch of amateurs pretending to be competent ISPs thank you to the money of european community?

But I have an idea: let's outsource everything to competent people all over europe and maybe the business will increase.

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oh perhaps that will stop the BB expansion...bugger

Eircom...a split is just what we need then any further investment will dry up and those of us NOT living in an area already with BB can watch our chances of getting going down the toilet!

I wonder if those spineless wonders at Comreg will do anything at all about this???


Separate Infrastructure from Sales - excellent - BT should take notice

Seperation will result in better competition not less as the infrastructure should allow direct wholesale access from other operators without digging up so many roads. All this without Offcom's forced conversion of BT Operreach to OpenAccess.

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