back to article The Misfit Geek and AJAX acceptability

If you had any doubts about just how far Ajax has come, you had only take a look at the speakers list for the recent AJAXWorld Conference in Santa Clara, California. Joining the faithful such as Sun Microsystems distinguished engineer and chief technology officer (CTO) Bob Brewin, was the executive responsible for setting …


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Who knows?

"Microsoft has experienced problems in building that strategy, though, due to the fact its developers came to Web development with the first version of ASP.NET, which was based on a Web form-driven development model.

"They never had to learn about the Web gook that happens under the covers. They didn't have to write HTML or JavaScript by hand. They didn't have to learn much about stateless protocols like HTTP, because, since the birth of the World Wide Web, companies like Microsoft have figured out how to add state to an innately stateless protocol," Stagner said."

That last sentence is a crock of SHoddy IT if it then is to suppose that an inately stateless protocol adding state is bound by state rules.

Are Microsoft declaring Open Season on themselves ......making their excuses for Lapses in Coding Excellence?

Sack Cloth and Ashes wouldn't do them any harm, that is for sure.

Not the sharpest tool in the box, Microsoft, but then a lump hammer never is. And that is not a put-down criticism for they probably do their best, it is just a valid observation that their way is not the High Way.

Or it could just be the Industry has outgrown them and they are struggling to keep up, which would be more than likely the case.


Open Source?

So is that GPL Open Source or M$ Open Source? That is: until someone does something clever that M$ didn't forsee was possible with these tools and then sends a 'friendly' e-mail to said someone CCd to M$'s favourite IP lawyers and telling them to shut-up shop or be sued into the nth dimension.


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