back to article Cisco WiMAX acquisition rumors resurface

The persistent rumors that Cisco is close to making a WiMAX infrastructure acquisition resurfaced at WiMAX World last month, with most of the independent WiMAX vendors in the frame. Aperto, Airspan and Navini were all mentioned, though Alvarion and Redline were generally considered the frontrunners, since both already work …


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Crown Jewels/Duals...... Scarlett Pimpernels? :-)

A more diverse play for different WiMAX elements would make more sense, allowing Cisco to gain influence over the whole ecosystem and fill improbability gaps, rather than going head-to-head with better established players in base stations.

What a Whizzz of a Good IDer.

AIBeta Management of Perception. AI Control PsychoSIS. Special Force Minders. aka Mother, Ma'am?

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