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In literary circles, first editions are often highly prised. However, Sony hopes the second edition of its Reader digital book, the PRS-505, will prove more popular than its predecessor, thanks to what it claimed was a much better display. Sony_PRS505 Sony's PRS-505: paperback wiper? The PRS-505 uses E Ink's latest …


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Tell us about

the DRM and limited book titles available...

What file formats does it accept?

A book reader without books?

Paris Hilton


"The PRS-505 features the same 800MHz Intel Celeron processor, 128MB of memory and 20MB hard drive that its predecessor had. Once again, the device has a battery life quoted as around 7500 page turns and promised to ship it with at least a USB 1.1 or faster port. The latest model comes bundled with an external CD-Rom drive."

Um, something tells me these are the _minimum_ system requirements for the _PC_ it is to be connected to, _not_ the reader itself.

While this:

(from above)

"Operating System

* Operating System --- Windows® XP (Home Edition/Professional, Media Center Edition, Media Center Edition 2004, Media Center Edition 2005)& Windows Vista® (Home Basic, Home Premium, Business, Ultimate).


* 800MHz Intel® Celeron® class processor or better


* 128 MB Minimum

Hard Drive

* 20MB9 Minimum available Hard Drive space

Optical Drive

* Optical Drive capable of reading CD-ROM

USB Port

* USB 1.1 or faster USB Port (Optimal with USB 2.0)

Internet Connection

* Broadband suggested3"

would seem to give the impression that these are features of the unit itself by not clearly putting them under a heading like "System requirements", the use of phrases like "RAM 128 MB Minimum" and "Processor 800MHz Intel® Celeron® class processor or better" offer some pretty big hints that whatever we're talking about is upgradeable through something _other_ than Memory Stick and SD card slots ;).

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