back to article Samsung delays dual-format Blu-ray, HD DVD player?

Samsung has thrown its weight entirely behind its dual-format Blu-ray Disc and HD DVD player and will de-emphasis its BD-only offerings, online reports suggest. However, the two-format machine, the BD-U5000, may have been delayed. Separate reports point to a December release in the US, with the European debut taking place …


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Blu-Ray and HD-DVD: The Vista of Hollywood

Consumer uptake of both of the high definition DVD formats has been, from a Marketing perspective, abysmal (to be charitable).

Perhaps that's because, at long last, the consumer has enough of the MPAA and their ilk trying to sell us the same thing we already own, but at a higher price, and with even more trapdoors to prevent the consumer from exercising his legal rights.

Here's an idea, Hollywood: Try offering us *quality* content without the TURDS (Technology User's Rights Denial Systems, or as you lying bastards like to say, DRM) in.

We're not buying any more TURDS. Got it?

The rise of the Pirate Party should have you shaking in your boots. Arrrr!

Anonymous Coward

Not quite right on features and details

I notice one detail that's incorrect: the BD-P1400 does have upscaling.

I just bought this unit and installed it this past week. The upscaling is okay (on dark scenes it has noticeable artifacts). However, the color depth and detail is fantastic from BluRay disks. That's what I'm after, anyway.

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