back to article Adobe buys into web word processing

Adobe has piled into the escalating web-based office applications scrap with the acquisition of Virtual Ubiquity, a Massachusetts-based start-up. Virtual Ubiquity's flagship is Buzzword, a fancy-looking Flash-based word processor that's got the beating of Google Docs for more sophisticated documents. Its page-by-page format …


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Reg hack needs computer refresher course

"Currently, Buzzword will export documents to Word format and XML, and Adobe has promised support for Open Office format "

Okay, so admittedly we're used to referring to different forms of serialisation as file formats but they are *data* formats. But we demand more from El Reg! This is important for XML which is not a file format, nor even a data format, being a mere markup standard: the file format is text and the data format being the relevant schema; XML without a schema is quite simply meaningless. The really important thing being that both and MS Office use XML but they have different schemas.

Back to the technology: AIR is going to be very interesting and possibly even useful!

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My XML shame, by Reg hack

Hi Charlie,

Hands up, it should've read "Word 2003 XML". I have made the correction and consider myself duly chastised. Cheers,

Chris Williams

El Reg

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