back to article Intel CEO dishes discrete graphics return

Intel CEO Paul Otellini has finally confirmed the company's plan to return to the discrete graphics chip market, although the confirmation did not come easy. During a keynote at today's Intel Developer Forum here, Otellini gave a detail-thin update on the multi-core Larrabee effort. The CEO did little more than repeat past …


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Is this discrete?

If readers care to follow the Larrabee link in the article, they'll see that you've already observed that a chip offering 64 threads and an x86 ISA would be able to run the OS. (Initially, that would be Linux, but don't expect MS to stand still if Intel start shipping something that makes their server line look wimpy.) Larrabee strikes me as a response to Niagara much more than GPGPUs.

So if Larrabee is the CPU, not the GPU, is this really Intel's entry into discrete graphics, or is it instead their attempt to kill the concept entirely?

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And whenever "discrete graphics" is the digital/binary enrichment/metamorphosis of Orwellian Newspeak ...... for AI Beta Management and Control of Perception, you actually Create a Whole New Market Place/Bourse, which Frere Ortellini could Mentor and Monitor to Power ITs Control ....... if he had a Mind to. That would make Intel de Facto Global Controller.

And if he hasn't, the Brothers would surely insist that he purchase one

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