back to article Halo 3 Legendary Edition stocks blown away

British gamers hoping to get their paws on a special edition of the upcoming Halo 3 are set for a big disappointment. Microsoft has confirmed that all Legendary Edition versions of the game allocated to the UK have already been snapped-up through pre-order, and almost all its Limited Edition version reserves have been reserved …


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What is the Hype about?

I have always been a playstation person up untill the PS3. As such I will probably be buying myself a 360 come xmas time due to the nintendo wii, which I bought on launch day being the biggest dissapointment ever, good games any time soon? Hostestly.

I digress, I have played Halo (1)... and just did not enjoy it at all. I really don't see the hype over this game. It does not have the graphics of upcoming GTA... nor does it have any worthwhile cheats or customisation. If it were much delayed GTA or GT...then fair enough, but to me:

Halo is just another shoot-em-up...nothing special in any way.

Anonymous Coward


The only fever pitch I can see for this game is being driven by the media as they have nothing else of worth to write and print; and teenage geeks who aren't old enough to be let out after dark on their own.

Come on - It's just a game. And having played the first Halo game, it's not a particularly interesting one at that. My bet is that 99.9999% of the UK population couldn't give a flying monkeys ass about Halo so stop trying to big it up.

As Bill Hicks said... "anyone here in marketing? Kill yourselves!!!"

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