back to article Surge protection for Powerline Ethernet products?

I read that Powerline Ethernet adaptors can't be plugged into surge protectors. Is that true? If it doesn't work if it's connected to a surge protector then will there be damage done to these Powerline Ethernet adaptors if there's a surge?


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Works for me...

I have three Solwise 85Mbps adapters. One is plugged straight into the wall, one is plugged into an multi-way extension lead and another is plugged into a multi-way with built in surge protection. They all work fine (obviously, or I would have tried something else!!).

I suspect the manufacturer's concern is that they can't guarantee the devices will work with ALL surge protection or multi-way plugs, so they choose to advise you not to use them to avoid a slew of returns.



Just avoid those with noise filters.

The Tripp-Lite Isobar series, for instance, feature inductive chokes and capacitors that clamp down on noise traveling the powerline, which is precisely what your adapter relies on.

The cheapest of plugstrips should work fine. Those with MOVs for surge protection should work fine. Those with MOVs, inductors, and filter caps will definitely eat the signal.

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Official feedback: it works, but it's not recommended

I put Quddus' question to Devolo, one of the suppliers of powerline Ethernet kit. Here's what Peter Huddleston, who looks after the company's products here in the UK, had to say:

"We discourage surge protection units as these incur heavy noise onto the powerline which in turn affects the signal. Yes, sometimes they can work fine, and users experience no problems - but still we discourage.

"The actual devolo adapters have an integrated fuse so if there is a power surge, the adapters are independently secured."

And with that, and the other responses, that's this question answered.

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