back to article South Korea chucks antitrust charges at Intel

South Korean officials have issued antitrust charges against Intel, in a move that caps a two-year investigation and creates one more headache for lawyers at the world's biggest chip maker. The Korean Federal Trade Commission (KFTC) issued a so-called statement of objection against Intel, company spokesman Chuck Mulloy said. He …


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Anonymous Coward

Anti Trust violations

I think monopolies that try to use their financial clout to do away with competition do a great injustice to everybody. Look at Dell they pretended to make more money than they really did trying to hide payoffs from Intel. This falsefies the real value of the company and does an injustice to shareholders. It does an injustice to the consumer it prevents the consumer from making a choice between one product and another. Allowing the monopolies to get all the purchases.

I believe the only way you can stop anti trust is to prosecute the CEO's of these companies and give them jail time.

A fine just isn't going to work, it is like fining someone a $100 dollars when they stole $10,000, has anyone notices how lightly Intel is taking this, and another was Microsoft they came out smelling like a rose also,

Habadash icream, don;'t know if I spelled that right, anyway they had to fight pillsbury, pillsbury tried to keep the competitor product off the shelves by refusling to sell their product to the retailer who stocked Habadash. (saw this on tv)

Myself i wouldn't buy an intel product unless of course it was the only one. I just recently bought a new pc it has and AMD to be sure. As Americans we need to fight for our rights, don't buy these products. and buy American when possible, what do we owe china anyway\


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