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I’m sure you’ve heard that old joke which contrasts the development of the car with the astonishing rate of progress in digital electronics. The story goes that if automobile technology had advanced at the same pace as desktop computers in the last couple of decades, we’d all be driving cars that can circle the globe on a …


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How to blow your foot off

The computer games industry is currently annoying their customers just as much with copyright protection technology.

When will monoliths like MS etc. realise that people with pirated copies are having a better user experience with their products than those with legal copies.

There is no "Genuine advantage" to using genuine MS software any more.

Linux (and other O/Ses) are currently failing to gain significant market share because users see learning the new UI as a barrier to entry. What MS is currently doing is making their user experience unpleasant enough, that users will eventually be pushed out of their inertia into trying other OS's.

Well done, MS, your users are beginning to weigh other options, that they would never have thought of if you didn't keep treating them like guinea pigs in your copyright protection experiments.

I'll bet Linus and co. are smiling.


RE: How to blow your foot off....

Hi Douglas, good comment. I can't help feeling that Microsoft have simply lost the ability to look at things from the end-users perspective. Using Windows these days is a succession of jumping through hoops before you can get down to any real work.

As regards people with pirated copies having better experiences than legitimate customers, this may well be true. But I think the people with the best user experience of all are those who eschew Microsoft altogether...


Anonymous Coward

Sad fact is MS are in the car business.

Yip, as of next season the one and only supplier of vehicle electronics systems to F1 is, you guessed it, MS.

Life immitating art? I think so!

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