back to article UK ecommerce breaks £4bn a month

July saw a massive jump in online retail, with sales rising 80 per cent on last year to a new all-time high, according to e-tail industry body IMRG. The organisation's research indicates that UK online retail sales exceeded £4bn in a month for the first time. IMRG reports that online sales for July totalled £4.2bn, £1.86bn …


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Anonymous Coward

IMRG e-retailing stats

It might be worth noting the Daily Telegraph's comments on this organisation and its 'data'. 'Don't believe the hype...' says the Telegraph noting that IMRG are a 'self-appointed industry body for e-retailers'.

The data seems to have been extrapolated from a base of only 80-odd, mostly small retailers and IMRG won't even say who some of them are.

IMRG's claims in various areas are possibly worth some scrutiny before being accepted as approaching any known standards of accuracy.

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