back to article BT storms Basilica for channel goodness

BT's small business division has ponied up an undisclosed sum to acquire another IT firm as part of its plan to drive unified communications downmarket. It has bought Basilica Computing, an SME provider based in Hertfordshire. Basilica resells kit and software from Microsoft, Cisco, HP and VMware, among others. It employs …


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Anonymous Coward

More of the same

Surely this purchase is an exact duplication of the purchase of TNS in Oswestry and so will likewise be renamed BT iNet (what a crap name). So do we now expect a nice range of job cuts and merging of duplicated roles? Yet another business that makes a lot of money doing nothing more than buying something and selling it again and nobody cares about the 100-200% markup. Meanwhile those of us in manufacturing have to fight tooth and nail to keep jobs from being poached while working with margins as low as 10%.

Likewise why does a guy who rings people all day to sell/buy stuff get 30k and the systems helpdesk job I can see advertised down the left of this page get 12-15k, when he needs a qualification and chatting barely requires a GCSE?


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