back to article AK-wielding geckos levitate in from the Tower of Doom

Another week goes by and there are more lizards, more weapons, more examples of verbal silliness and, of course, more comments. Note: some comments are attributed to "Anon". This is shorthand and stands for "The Anointed One"; he who is all-knowing, all-reading and on-all-commenting. Desperate for something to do with …


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  1. Stuart Van Onselen

    Slly bggrs

    It's really easy to avoid unintended expletives in your auto-generated alpha-numeric fields.

    You just need to n_t _s_ v_w_ls!

    Our number-plates use the format 3xConsonant 3xDigit 2xAlpha_for_the_province. For some personalised number-plates its digits first, consonants second.

    Of course, they forgot that 'Y' is a vowel in Afrikaans, and some clever bggrs chose plates like "160 RGY".

    You can't keep a good smutty mind down...

This topic is closed for new posts.

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