back to article Another 1,400 Sony batteries sent for slaughter

Batteries continue to be a hot topic for Sony, but not in a good way. Toshiba American Information Systems has announced the recall of some 1,400 Sony batteries used in its Satellite and Tecra notebook range. The warning states that the rechargeable lithium-ion batteries can, as usual, overheat and pose a fire hazard to …


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Time to redesign the damn battery or the manufacturing

process this is just too much stupid to be a temporary

flaw in fabrication like not enough of something in bin

1 or too much allowed on batch 13 it's a real problem

what do they get out of these recalls that they want to

continue them.


Has anyone been keeping count?

What's the sum total of all the batteries that have been recalled? Anyone kept count?

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Li-Ion is fundamentally unstable anyway.

It's a minor detail that people generally don't talk about - if you overcharge a Li-Ion (or Li-Po) cell, it is very likely to "Vent with flame".

Short-circuits can have the same effect as well!

Inside every commercially-available Li-Ion battery pack there is a charge-monitor IC and thermal fuse system that tries to prevent this - that "Fuel Gauge" on your laptop isn't only there for your convenience - it's there to protect your loins as well!

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