back to article Taking the trade out of tradeshows - start-ups set for failure

It's becoming easier and easier to spot start-ups likely to fail. Take, for example, FastScale. This company's marketing team has done what you might think impossible by missing the point of a tradeshow. Officials at FastScale's LinuxWorld booth refused to give me a demo on their software, arguing that they don't really do that …


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bitch bitch bitch

You have a job don't you (maybe) your

not dead but all you do is bitch no more

beer for you Ashlee it makes you a mean

drunk and a whiner. Take your dog and go


Anonymous Coward

@Alan Donaly


Alan Donaly, FFS, are you related to amanfromMars? Your writing style is somewhat similar.

As someone mentioned recently, why the double spacing, and seriously defective grammar, laden with invective?

Anyway, if you don't like Ashlee's writing why don't you just say so, or STFU.


Personally, whilst I didn't rate this article as great, I found it mildly interesting.

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