back to article EnterpriseDB chases Oracle and MySQL on Web 2.0

Having spent three years trying to get purchase on Oracle's mighty database business, EnterpriseDB is embracing Web 2.0 developers with a bundled version of Postgres. EnterpriseDB - whose existing database product is a version of Posgres that's sold under a commercial license and that the company claims is compatible with …


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Anonymous Coward

EnterpriseDB and BSD

> The database retains its BSD license so it's free to download

Really? Their price list says source is not included - at best, it's escrowed.


GridSQL is rehashed Extendb and it doesn't work

This is a totally weak vaporware thing. They bought a single developer that made a java front end called Extendb that doesn’t even work. Why not check out CJDBC while you are at it.

If you want to download it (gridsql) go here:

Note that when you click on you are redirected to edb’s website.

I’m so sick of vendor claims without proof, where are the customers?

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