back to article Mediaroom: Microsoft's 'operator friendly brand'

A briefing last week from Microsoft's Christine Heckart, the general manager of marketing for Microsoft's freshly named Mediaroom TV business, attempted to straighten out one or two misconceptions about the new name, and additional features added recently to the software. Heckart continues to push the party line of the term " …


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Niagara Viagra for Microsoft...

What Microsoft Mediaroom/TV IPTV Edition appear to lacking, are Producers and Directors Running XSS for the Phase Change to Digital Code Leads and Feeds for Virtualisation of Reality to Binary Instruction and Control .

You can be assured that they are already available in the XXXXSS genre.

Anonymous Coward

Microsoft IPTV...

"Microsoft has the majority of its TV business through traditional incumbent telcos"

Er, *what* TV business, please? In the UK, there's BT Vision, where BT now admit that watching "as live" "on demand" needs a 4Mbit or faster DSL service, vs the promised (and much more widely available) 2Mbit. Afaik there isn't any other major telco anywhere in the world who has actually rolled out MS IPTV on a significant commercial basis, but feel free to provide references in case I've missed it recently. There certainly wasn't much evidence of live MS IPtv last time I checked, which afaict leaves BT Vision customers as paying participants in an extended beta test (not that different from any other MS customer, I suppose).

Maybe former Register IPtv regular contributor Alexander Cameron at Digital TX could enlighten us about the status of MS IPtv, or does the status of his company news and blog, both untouched since around January, reflect the true state of the IPtv market?

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