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Green is the new black, it would seem. With many organisations now trying to "out-green" the competition, we are rapidly running into the problem seen with the majority of bandwagons - just how real are some of the arguments coming in from the vendors on the topic? Rationalising hardware and consolidating data centres are …


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Anonymous Coward

a lot of waste

**No matter the source, green power still has one of the major problems of existing power - there is a lot of waste. **

Well, yes.. BUT there is also a lot of waste on the "user" side. A lot (too many) people don't give a sh*t about it, and they waste a lot of energy. It is not true that you can't get (almost) enough power from renewable sources, as long as it is accompanied by an increase in efficiency using that power, meaning better wires, less electricity-wasting, better isolated buildings (reducing costs of heating and air conditioning), etc.

The problem is that those making money from the actual situation prefer to say "renewable sources are not efficient enough so let's keep wasting as we are used to". If there really was intention of improving things we would stat by reducing waste, re-using whatever can be re-used (better buildings with more natural light would reduce electricity consumption too), and also improving the sources. You can't throw the towel just because one part is not perfect, You can keep improving in reducing waste of electricity until renewable sources are more and more efficient.

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