back to article Near field comms tags top one billion

The NFC Forum, responsible for the Near Field Communications standard, has released specifications for the four different kinds of tag making up the NFC standard, and three of them might seem strangely familiar. Tags of Type 1 and 2 are based on ISO14443A, so Londoners are already using NFC under the Oyster brand. ISO14443C …


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Good grief! I'm currently working on some NFC related software, and even I found this most boring article EVER!!!


Boring? Confusing more like.

The article may be boring, but of more importance it has absolutely no grounding in anybody who doesn't live in London, and believe it or not, most people in Britain dont, or indeed in the world other than London or all of Japan.

A primer of what its all about might be in order, I get the impression its an automatic payment system for mobile phones? Am I right??

What the hell is this Oyster thing - theres a vague mention of it being a payment system.

And the award goes to Bill Ray for...

Worst - news story ever.

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