back to article Samsung expands snapper series, again

Samsung shows no signs of slowing down its compact digital camera development schedule. Today in London, the company unveiled three new models under its existing NV series and unveiled the latest addition to its "i" snapper series. The NV8, NV15 and NV20 are described as "premium compact cameras" and feature an 8, 10 and 12- …


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And For Their Next Trick...

They'll put a mobile telephone in! Da da!

Calendar, ToDo, calc., radio, games....


little thing...

"together with a 5x digital zoom"

The photo of the i85 says 5X optical zoom... not sure how good that would be with a lens that tiny anyway.

And for about $100-150 more than the NV20 you can buy yourself a nice enough entry level DSLR from Nikon (D40) or Canon (XT). No brainer compared to the NV20, if you care about photo and don't mind the size of the camera...

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have you tried it?

Samsung seem to release an aweful lot of products lately, all of which tick the right tech boxes.

I tried one of these recently and found the interface very difficult, and the features lacking (although I'm used to an Ixus).

Samsung need to spend some time listening to their users rather than bringing out ever newer and shinier products, maybe then some of them would live up to expectations. I notice one of the cameras has an MP3 player built in, I hope it's better than the one in my phone which supports ONE playlist of (MAX) 20 songs!

J, buying an SLR for a little more money would be pointless since these are compact cameras. SLR cameras are for photography, compacts are for memories and nights out.

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