back to article Fans left guessing over Samsung 'designer' phone

A Samsung representative has confirmed to Register Hardware that online rumours about its creation of a designer touch-sensitive mobile phone are correct - but the bad news is that it won't be coming to the UK, at least for the time being. The news is more than a little disappointing, because images purporting themselves to …


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  1. Jim


    This 'review' has been up for half an hour and no-one has yet chipped in with...

    "No 3G? What a waste of space this phone is. Why are they even bothering to advertise it? Blah! Blah! Blah!"

    Or maybe Samsung is immune to the endless whining that accompanies Apple product roll-outs.

  2. Wonderkid

    This is why Google's desire to open up spectrum... so appropriate. It is about time that consumers had the same freedom they do to choose their automobile or other product. Buy what you want, from whoever you want and do what you want with it, as long as it is within the law. So, you buy your phone, choose a provider or p2p network and do with it as you will. for those unable to spend the cost price of a phone, they either spread payments out, perhaps including them in their airtime contract or use the same credit facilities available for other purchases. All 4 networks stock the same phones, with the only difference being a temporary exclusivity period for the latest fashion phone.

  3. voshkin

    beyond South Korea

    "Samsung hasn’t yet confirmed whether the handset will be rolled out beyond South Korea"

    you can pre-order in Russia, I seen it on some mobile websites.

    Does not help you though ;-)

  4. andy

    re: blimey

    The article doesn't say there is definitely no 3G, just that its unconfirmed... In the interest of fairness and to keep you happy though let me be the first to say...

    "If this has no 3G then its a waste of space..."

    Having said that just because its got a touch screen doesn't mean it's a direct competitor to the iPhone, there's no mention of any web capabilities let alone being forced to use ajax/the web for any 3rd party apps and add-ons. A phone with a decent organiser and push email doesn't cry out for 3G like the iPhone does.

  5. Alex Cooper

    Re: Blimey!

    "The Samsung representative was unable to confirm any of the SGH-P520’s technical specifications to us"

    Who said it does or doesn't have 3G? The specs are not confirmed one way or the other in this article. Are you assuming it doesn't? Based on what?

    Why would anybody complain by saying it is not being bashed for not having 3G when you haven't got a clue if it has or not? That's just plain stupidity.

    Try reading the article before saying ridiculous comments.

  6. Chris

    Originally thought to be a Korea-only model and bearing more than a slight resemblance to LG’s Prada handset, the P520 (pictured) is still shrouded in secrecy. But we can exclusively reveal that it will be coming to the hands of European tech freaks – let’s just hope that includes us plucky Brits.

    The details gleaned from Samsung’s French site reveal that the P520 will come flaunting a 3MP camera, touchscreen, a microSD slot and an extremely thin profile. It’s also rumoured to offer Wi-Fi, EDGE, A2DP Bluetooth and 50MB of internal memory.

    Watch out iPhone, there’s another one on your back.

  7. Rudi van der Heide

    Leather case

    If this is anything like my current phone (the very geeky Samsung SGH P300), and I strongly suspect it is from the look of it, the leather case hides another battery, extending the battery life considerably. It's a nice little touch!

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