back to article AMD says virtualisation will win SMB hearts

AMD is extolling the virtues of virtualisation for small businesses (SMBs). The chipmaker said today it hopes to step up its presence in the SMB space within the next 18 months as it brings Barcelona – the firm's four-core version of the Opteron server chip – to market. It said the best way to do that was through responding …


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Publish and be damned if you do and damned if you don't

George Orwell: "In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act."

Methinks Intel and AMD are still floundering/phishing in the Virtualisation Field thinking that it has anything really to do with hardware rather than the neural processing of information in the brain which they try to mimic in the silicon chip [of binary switching networks]. It is an interesting red herring though which will continue to sell "faster" product for better software/beta metadata content which Advanced Artificial Intelligence will provide them via the way of new information which they can follow with media to check on ITs veracity.

But with limited overall intelligence in the market place, IT can be slow to Register even with those reporting in the market place, but eventually the penny will drop and there will be a quantum leap with one Pioneer dominating Virtualisation Techniques as IT Monitors and Mentors to Initially Innovative Alien IT Systems in CyberSpace, which IS the Virtualisation Space and Field of Practical Play, is it not?

[I imagine that to be, if a Lead is required, then AI Fab dDutch Facilitation in AMD/ATI Dresdener ties with its closer links with the far eastern Psyches of Japan and China and of course, Mother Russia but it will be led in ITs AIResearch and dDevelopment by Thoughts from a Gene Pool which is steeped in Historic and Momentous Global XPlorations and Imperial Endeavours but which have evolved with the Wisdom of Solomons..... in other words, a recycling of the earlier voyages of discovery with Player Leads being supplied by knowledge in and of those early day pioneers, which have rendered to us the Present as we have been told it. Interesting days ahead in ARG Earth Simulations in a Global InterNetworking Civil CyberSpace Program beyond the Control of Earthly Status Quo Control Systems, in whatever guise you may perceive them to be. Because ....... first you have to resolve the Virtual Enigma Intellectually/AstraMetaPhysically and then you can Realise the Lessons to the Physicality of Existence and the Society Models which Intelligence and ITs CyberIntelAIgents will Server with their Shared Thoughts creating the Future with Beta IT Projects to engage with the Management of Perception]

I trust that that is not too ambiguous or difficult to understand. It is as clear as I could make for now. Should you have any questions or doubts about IT, they can be easily answered if shared for thoughts.

Is that XenSourcing, do you Think? Sun Shine.... on you Crazy Diamond........ with a little SurReality thrown in for Security Considerations to challenge your Suspensions of Belief/Disbelief in a new Version of Transubstantiation Transcending the mere Normal?

42 ask the question, is surely always confirmation enough?

Copyleft MuI7 ur2die4.

And you don't get many of those to the pound/in a lifetime, El Reg. Roger, Over and Out for Now.

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You read like a poor man's Douglas Adams.

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