back to article American women prefer weather to sport

American women like surfing for weather, while men prefer searching for sports news, according to an analysis of mobile data usage in the US and EU. In a study of the habits of 70,649 Americans and 33,810 Europeans over a three month period, M:Metrics found that both sexes access news as their second priority. It's not all fun …


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Weather polls

"The study also looked at the kind of content mobile users are browsing - though it excluded adult services, ringtone downloads, and gambling."

Good it excludes adult services. That spares us some nomination in the Master of the obvious Award.

"Woman are more likely to use their mobile to get maps or directions - with men presumably reluctant to admit they're lost even to a mobile phone - while in Europe weather slips below entertainment news in the female priorities."

LOL, women and direction :-)

Truth be told, this summer, having a poll on wheather contents is not a good idea. I'm a meteo fanatic this year, but only because of the weather being utter sh*t, not my habit normally. I bet the statistics are all biased the same way across Europe ...

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