back to article Blu-ray body bites back at HD DVD sales claims

Recent claims made by the European HD DVD Promotion Group that Toshiba HD DVD players currently account for 74 per cent of European next-gen optical disc players are "misleading" because they exclude PS3 and PC drive sales, the organisation's opposite, the Blu-ray Disc Association European Promotions Committee, has alleged. …


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HD-DVD group

The PS3 has been the cheapest Blu Ray player in Europe for a while so some of it's sales must be to people buying it as a Blu Ray player. For the HD-DVD group to ignore that is idiotic and it's even more stupid of them to think anyone will believe their claims of success when UK Blockbuster has decided to only stock HD-DVD in 1 in every 10 stores and when the HD-DVD group won't supply any sales figures to back their claims up.

The only place they are winning this 'war' is in their own minds.

Anonymous Coward

HD-DVD/Blu Ray ..... who cares

What these groups don't seem to get is that average Joe is still waiting to see a clear winner.

When will that come? My guess is at least 5 years and then there will be something better (Holographic Discs) or something out of China by that point and it will start all over again.

Personally, when they can make a player that does not consume 150W just to play a movie then maybe I will have a look at them.

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