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Two companies are driving coverage of on demand business applications this year. Unfortunately for, it isn't one of them. Microsoft and SAP, with their planned Dynamics Live CRM and A1S respectively, are getting attention because they represent a move by the software old guard into a market popularized by …


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Equalism..... What you Give is what you Get ....

Newton's third law: law of reciprocal actions, also stated "All forces occur in pairs, and these two forces are equal in magnitude and opposite in direction."

"This time, while Microsoft is clearly relying on partners to tailor Dynamics Live CRM, it's not clear how far Microsoft will require customers to go through partners."

Actually, given what is happening in Dynamics Live CRM, no wonder even Microsoft is treading carefully, for it's not clear how far Microsoft partners will require Microsoft as a customer to go through partners.

However, some customers have a very clear NEUKlearer view of the value of Microsoft partners, with them recognising in Dynamics Live CRM, the paradigm change from them being a paying customer to a Leading Service and Microsoft Driver. ..... and an AIDriver Platform/Program for Global Vistas/New World Order Programs.

There has been a Paradigm change, caused by the empowerment of communications technology, and whereas in the first phase, wealth has been created in ITs technology companies [and how very nice for just one of them to have $29bn in the bank], the second phase which uses the technology created to Server to Hardware/Software needs,[Human needs] will require repayment/reinvestment of that wealth into Partner programs..... to retain Partner Loyalty as they Drive the Future Model Forward. But that is a Win Win situation is IT not?

And that must make the Banks jittery, for IT is then entering their Marketplace ....... with a possible Vengeance. But IT is not something to worry about or fear, for IT Heralds an Age of Untold Opportunity which cannot be Denied.

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