back to article Aussies face the threat of Robo-Pacinos

If reporting from The Age newspaper is to be believed, the Australian Federal Police (AFP) Commissioner, Mick Keelty, briefed a Parliamentary Inquiry into the future impact of organised crime that Australians would be facing the threat of part-robot humans involved in organised crime in the future. Without access to the …


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A wanker that cries wolf!

Sadly it is ironic , that he runs an Australian Federal Police Force , that once caught the best computer hackers that even the US Justice Department with all it's resources could not even touch.

But sadly as with all things , the top Five in this force still cannot think outside the square , let this specialized section disband and dissolve ,the dedicated staff were literally forced out to better paid civilian jobs as well , shortly after the trial.

This is the self same police force , that has criminal asset seizure laws , but no one smart enough or qualified enough to follow the money trails , or even hack the criminal gangs computers seized in various raids!

Mind you , a standing joke exists in the home town and the nations capital , where all Federal Cops are called "9 to 5 men" (you don't call all local suburban police stations of Mick Keelty's finest to report crime after hours , because all you get is an answering machine if you are lucky! , as they grossly understaffed due to extensive overseas commitments of manpower , thanks to the five cent in the dollar our current dear leader John Howard , cheap attitudes and answer to all his problems)

However , Mick Keelty , is in reality building his own new straw castle , because he is trying to hustle through numerous draconian control laws , that were part and parcel of the evil Suharto Regime in Indonesia , at it's peak of terrorizing and controlling it's own population and that of the even more unfortunate residents of East Timor(1 in 3 murdered prior to final independence and handover to the UN is the current conservative estimate , the number of original inhabitants murdered in both Aceh and West Papua remain a state secret)

Sadly , he actually has more than adequate laws at his fingertips !

Simply , put he is both a wanker and adherent of the "Peter Principle" as has neither the staff with the required expertise nor the ability to think outside the square , to draft in outside experts needed to eliminate either the deadwood within or analyse the captured computers and finally no accountants to follow the money trails of the drug gangs!

Oh well , let the blinded lead the blind! , such is life , we are doomed a new Lavrentiy Beria clone is on the rise!

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