back to article IBM performs AIX6 peep show

Packed with pride over the release of the Power6 chip, IBM has decided to go bold with its complementary AIX6 operating system. It's putting the OS up for public beta - a first for Big Blue. Historically, IBM will hand deliver beta AIX code to thirty of forty of its largest customers. With AIX6, however, IBM has gone to the …


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Anonymous Coward

Not late- timing is just about perfect!

Dear Mr Vance,

First of all let me congratulate you on some excellent articles on Register that I have read of late. You style is very unique catching the reading attention immediately. However, in my honest opinion, sometime there is a tendency to go a little overbaord , diluting the remaining of the article.

In the case of this article, the delay you mention in AIX 6.1 is not quite true. AIX 6.1 GA was intentionaly not times with POWER6 release to accoomodate customers to move on POWER6 while remaining on AIX 5.3. AIX 6.1 on the other hand comes with some real good features like Workload Partitions and LIVE Partition Mobility (None in the competition have this as of today).

With POWER6's hugely successful launch followed by a customer-driven AIX 6.1 release, IBM has well and truly raised the bar.

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