back to article RIM develops Wi-Fi BlackBerry... again

The BlackBerry range has taken a step closer towards bringing Wi-Fi on board following claims that Research in Motion (RIM) has gained the Federal Communications Commission's (FCC) approval to include the connectivity feature in its handsets. Exact details are still sketchy, but a number of online reports state that RIM will …


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Anonymous Coward

WIFI stack was bugged

The WIFI stack on the 8800 was still way too buggy at launch for some tastes. Internaly that was the official stance.

Though the beta units had WIFI and also enabled full SIP intergration for VOIP. Talks were on the verge of offering this to the lovely T-Mobile as an extra service, given they have the WIFI coverage as well. Though the whole aspect of how to charge for this was still being debated at the telco level. Many at the telco believe it would cut into profit as everybody would just hook into hotspots. this has been born out with WIFI phones like the nokia N95 were on many networks they cripple it to prevent such things as the end-user wants.

But there again RIM do run there own standard and kit at TELCO's to route email, so I can appreciate why they respect the TELCO's desire to maintain there lock-in.

Personaly I prefer to not own any mobile, that way I push the priority of communication and filtering entirely upon the prospective caller and emailer in that if its that important, they will make the effort to get intouch. Works perfectly for quality communication and I never needed any viagra anyhow.

Now if they can get WIFI on in a 3G phone with quality calls and signal and still push the battery I'll be impressed. If you can intergrate all those radios then you may stand a chance. Now were have I read that before.

Though if google were to break out of the web more with gmail and googletalk, well interesting things could start to happen. Though with lemonade and the iPhone and not forgeting the consumer tv box they have. Things will only get better for spammers and sholder tap conversationilsts :-(.

Lets just hope the day dosn't come were you have to pay not to have email/phone/internet, way revenue models are, I'm sure they'd give that a go :-).

But some very interesting things ahead - WIFI and 3G alone is nothing without the services to leverage them. But if you realy want to get some more insight. Then just hang around the nearest coffee shop with a wireless scanner near a certain part of Canada or look for devices with tape on sensitive parts. Though still see many many iPods :-).


8820 is a go

Do keep up at the back, El Reg!

The 8820 (essentially an 8800 with integrated Wi-Fi), debuts in the UK on BT Mobile from next week.

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