back to article Born-again 3Com wants network #2 spot

3Com's proposal to spin off TippingPoint, the security appliance vendor, is part of the company's plan to win back its position as the networking industry's number two, says Mike Ansley, the veep in charge of 3Com's EMEA operations. According to Ansley, the sell-off scheme is part of a big shift in 3Com strategy, which has …


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Poisoned Chalice

"We've got a very strong hand and we just have to play it well."...

If 3Com set its sights higher rather than just settling for the #2 spot, the hands would have to played at their tables/switches.

Owning the casino is a sure way not to lose your money and owning the switches for routing information allows you Control ITs Flow in a Closed Communications Environment such as would be e-mail.

And Control of Information Flow impacts upon Intelligence Transfer and Power Paradigms.

Who would be Best qualified to handle such Packets for Global Distribution or would it be too easy to be tempted to abuse such Controls for a Self Service?

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