back to article AMD chops desktop processor prices

AMD today took the axe to its desktop processor price list, knocking up to almost 30 per cent off what it charges for its gaming, mainstream and budget CPUs, as expected. Still, an much-anticipated move to drop single-core chips from the line-up did not take place. From the top down, AMD cut the price of the 3GHz Athlon 64 FX …


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still kind of high

I researched bang for buck when I recently bought

my cpu and while this is a nice price drop I still wouldn't

buy one the core 2 duo's are still a better value at the

lower end particularly the e6600 it can be OC if you want to

play with liquids (I don't) and you don't mind that reguardless

of how fast your bus is your memory is only going to go

at most 800 MHz that sort of makes it moot in my book.

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Most people care not about value

All the consumer sees is the bottom line, not the better value. Sure Core 2 is better, but it always more expensive once you factor in the motherboard. To 99% of the consumers out there who have no need of Core 2's performance, which is more appealing? Think like a know-nothing consumer, not like an enthusiasts.

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