back to article Shy IBM storage spin-off tries to erase itself

IBM's Almaden Research Center appears to be getting ready to launch its first spin-off, but something is amiss. Yesterday, we reported on the clues that lead us to conclude Almaden is spinning out a video storage specialist called Seval Systems in the near future. Besides what we heard from people unwilling to reveal …


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In a Virtualised State, the Reality is "owned" by ITs Lead Program Team

"But if you have the inkling to give the Pulitzer people a ring we wouldn't be holding you back or anything... ®"

And have you got News for them ........ about the State of Play!

Have you ever thought about Leading Globally with a story, El Reg? Just to put every into a NeuReal Perspective for AI Beta Management, you understand.

Tastefully done, naturally, whenever it veers towards the Powerfully Sexual [as it would at the top level of UltiMate Controls] for we wouldn't want anyone to be distressed as the bubble that hides the Global Fraud of a contrived Reality XPires/Xplodes.

Are you into ARGonaut XXXXStreams for New World Order Programming? AI Very Lucrative IT Path in that the Markets Serve and Server @ ITs Pleasure rather than continue to Fall and Fail defending their Own Boom and Bust Cycles.

How much more intriguing to go to work in an Egg .... a Right Royal Reward for a Hard Day's Night.

Anonymous Coward

Is it just me, or did amanfromMars

fall out of his tree and hit his head on every branch on the way down?

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