back to article Accused web terror trio change pleas to guilty

Three men accused of inciting terrorism via the internet have all now changed their pleas to guilty. Younes Tsouli, 23, originally from Morocco and lately of Shepherd's Bush, native Briton Waseem Mughal, 24, of Chatham in Kent, and Tariq Al-Daour, 21, were on trial at Woolwich Crown Court. The three were said to have used …


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Anonymous Coward

Die broccoli Die!

They made videos, uploaded to websites, the videos were to encourage terrorism. Apparently if you saw this video you would be incited to commit terrorists acts. The BBC showed the video as part of the news clip, no terrorists incidents were reported as a consequence of the BBC's irresponsible actions in showing this terrorist video.

Let's try an experiment:

Everyone, should kill broccoli, broccoli is evil. If you see broccoli, blow it up, broccoli is bad, kill all broccoli. I declare Jihad against broccoli.

How did that work? Is broccoli cowering in fear over the words of an AC? No?

How about now:

Maybe you need an injustice to create terrorists, and angry words spouted by an anonymous coward are just words spouted by an anonymous coward.


So does this mean

So does this mean, that since the libraries at both Oxford and Cambridge Universities, which are full of hard copy versions of similar seditious material are to be burnt to the grown for displaying opinions contrary to that of the ruling elite ?

No freedom of speech and expression is permitted in this democracy in the 21st Century!

Sad ,as the original Magna Carta as written, did attempt to outlaw such illegal persecution as this , merely because one's personal views differed from that imposed by authoritarian figures!

Freedom has now just become another word in the dictionary and relegated to the history books about the last century!


defending freedom?

Many freedoms seem to be under attack today. Is the freedom to advocate murder the one we should be concerned about, now that the freedom to shout 'fire' in a crowded theatre is denied us?

Anonymous Coward

If broccoli dies, don't make me the scapegoat

"Is the freedom to advocate murder the one we should be concerned about"

Yes, you're right, we should have to prove that we really need a freedom in order to keep it. But when we're proving it, we should be careful what we say, so as not to get arrested.

Kill all mexicans.

.... is an example of something I should not say when making the point. However now that I have said it, have mexican died as a result of my comment? No?

So the words aren't enough. They're just words and if the words alone don't 'incite' then it's not a crime of 'incitement'. However they do make a nice easy scapegoat to draw attention away from other things.

To me, it's better to have a muslims marching on parliament calling for Blairs head on a pike. That that represents a healthy state of affairs, it lets people vent their anger, and venting anger is important and necessary and healthy for a democracy.

Sure Blair might want to suppress that, but that was the nature of the man, fix the PR not the problem.

Die broccoli die, there I feel better now.

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