back to article IBM Almaden ready for storage spin-off

IBM Almaden Research Center has been doing R&D in silicon valley for 21 years, but it's not too old to learn new tricks. All signs point to the center prepping for its very first spin-off, Seval Systems, centering around so-called brick storage meant to help with delivering video over the internet. Palo Alto-based Seval …


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"So why would IBM take an atypical spin-off approach for Seval? A source tells us Intelligent Bricks researchers began chatting about moving the project out of IBM's hands as far back as two or three years ago due to the company's lack of interest. When IBM showed signs of funding fatigue, the researchers went fishing for a buyer."

Sounds like a Microsoft Story Line Clone. Bravo, IBM. Will you be Needing Bits and Bytes for ITs NEUKlearer Energy Suites/BetaTest Beds?

We're talking Intellectual Property Power here, are we not ..... an Inexhaustible Natural Resource set Free to Generate Current Flow for Real Clever Ideas to Build the Future. ... Tempestuous Steorn Territory.

Or would you like to destroy Credibility and Disagree......... for AI Business Suicide...... which would be a strange Choice in a Newly Minted Virtualisation ...... from you know who.*

* The Ones who cleared up the last Global Mess of Imperial Greed [Imps, Scamps and Knaves a'flounder at Controls with a Deficit of Intelligence matching ITs Budget]

Here's another cryptic clue which you may never know is right

Shake the Booty Stirring IT Sucks.

And don't forget to sign into the Register for UpDated New Info Feeds. Your Quality Assurance Broker.


Damn 6 years of "Fight! Against! Terror !" journalism

'IBM Almaden'...

Read that fast and thought "Yes, they catched another one"!

Seems my mind got slightly distorted this last years....

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