back to article Intel, MS eye Japanese housewives in mobile PC push

Intel, Microsoft and Japanese online payments company Bit Wallet have teamed up to develop a mobile PC platform designed to bring computing to those traditionally considered to be unfamiliar with shopping online, browsing the web or sitting at a desktop PC. Like housewives, apparently. PBJ Slate DT FeliCa housewife-friendly …


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Hardware reset button?

Dunno about that as a normal practice, but a hardware button that logged them out of all of their sites + closed all programs down might be quite useful.

Along with a single service that vendors could sign up to that would make all of a user's current/past transactions available on one page. Or something. Unlikely, perhaps.


Almost got it perfect...

If the measurements in the article are accurate, they almost got this thing perfect. As a daily tablet PC user (NEC Versa LitePad from 2003) I believe that their tablet would be a bit more useful with the following tweaks:

Increase the top/bottom frame width by 10mm. You need about 2.5cm width all the way around to comfortably write to the edge of the screen page.

Reduce the thickness by 5mm. To be useful as a table-top "paper pad" replacement, the tablet needs to be very close to the same thickness as a legal pad in a portfolio - or about 2cm thick. Over that your hand starts hanging off the edge and writing becomes difficult.

Decrease the mass to 1kg. More than this makes the device too heavy to hold in one hand and read like a book.

These don't seem like much, but, believe me, these are the killers when using a tablet in day-to-day work.

I personally would be lined up to purchase several of these if the minor changes were incorporated. I still use the NEC (recently upgraded with an SSD) simply because NEC got everything right on this one - except for the weight, and they came damn close with that. With the addition of the SSD the unit is damn near perfect as a paper pad replacement and "surfboard" for Internet, although the battery life is poor (well, it IS over 4 years old!) . It appears the the PBJ "Ms Edy" is FINALLY getting back to the correct form. I truly hope this one makes it big in Japan so I can get some over here!

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