back to article Chinese clone iPhone looks for media player

Where can China's I-Fighting Industrial have got the idea for its FT4021 MP4 player from? The cheeky company has packed in almost all the Apple iPhone's features minus the wireless connectivity, though unlike its inspiration, the FT4021 has a memory card slot. i-Fighting Industrial FT4021 I-Fighting's FT4021: Apple scented …


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Dutchman in China...

"In any case, since i-Fighting only appears to sell to companies buying in bulk, it'll be interesting to see when or if any of these come to market. And get away with it..."

Oh they've gotten away with it for many years, unless the 'market' is in countries where copyright laws are upheld...

Here in China there have been iPod clones ever since the original was first released. I must say the number of features, quality, beauty and user friendliness of these little gems have surprised me considering the price. If only the 'big' companies took note and produced something similar for a fraction of the price.... 600 dollars for a phone? Hah!

Who is that at the horizon!? Squint squint. It's China and approaching fast!

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