back to article ZyXel NSA-2400 network attached storage box

Ever more capacious computer hard drives encourage us to stuff more and more content on them, which means backing it all up can prove to be a pain. And what if you have more than one computer in your household? Enter the ZyXel NSA-2400, a single, shareable repository for all your data storage needs. ZyXel NSA-2400 NAS box …


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Not quite as thorough a review as it could be...

A pretty basic review to go with a pretty basic box. Some of the things that I would have liked to see explicitly covered in the review:

1. Support for UPNP AV - my guess from the review is that this isn't there, but it's not mentioned.

2. Support for AFP (Apple Filing Protocol) natively rather than just SMB/CIFS - as above.

3. Power consumption - low power consumption is one of the big reasons in my view for using a NAS box rather than a fuller-featured server.

Writing good reviews means addressing as many questions that someone might have about a product as possible, not just mentioning the things that immediately come to mind.

As things stand I can't see in what ways this beats one of the Infrant boxes, which do feature all of the above along with many others features. Mentioning more of the technically leading competitive products (such as the Infrant, Thecus and Excito products) in the review might have helped as well to make it more comprehensive.

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