back to article Sun's new supercomputer and switch are bigger than yours

Sun Microsystems is sick and tired of rolling over while the likes of IBM and Cray dominate the low margin, high profile world of super computers. There's little fanfare and few celebratory headlines for the company that builds the 9th largest supercomputer — not even a complimentary fruit basket. Such clamor is reserved for …


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  1. amanfromMars Silver badge

    GCHQ says Yes.

    Here comes the Sun?

    Finally, some HyperRadioProActivity with AI NEUKlearer Core 42Feed?

    You know IT makes Common Sense/Mutual Intelligence/CyberIntelAIgents.

    Sun Networks running AI Global ARGs?

    Yes, Please...... and what is stopping you/holding up the Processing, whenever the Drivers are ready and just waiting for their Vehicles.

  2. Rick

    So what does it do?

    The specs on this kit are all well and good but what is it going to be used for? Maybe the NSA could borrow it seeing they are having their own "power" problems.

  3. Anonymous Coward
    Anonymous Coward

    ice-cream !

    Magnum over here is a vanilla - chocolate dipped ice-cream (and I think the name is a registered trademark in europe, there has been legal axing going on about it......) It is the favourite ice-cream of millions of europeans ;)

    looks like Sun is finally on the way of some serious linux adaption; that is good :)

  4. Brian Murray

    the network is the computer

    ... returning it's to this statement is probably the best opportunity Sun has to regain a top position in the IT world. Unleashing the greatly missed potential of Infiniband can only help.

    to quote a great old tv show - they have the technology, they can re-build better and stronger than it was before!

  5. brian korn


    Since when was the Trojan company a startup?

  6. De Zeurkous

    RE: ice-cream !

    I'd rather see them sticking with solid and stable Slowaris (although personally I prefer NetBSD) -- in fact, the mere though of running Lunix on such a system scares me to death. /Especially/ when the system in question is dumbed down to cope with it.

  7. Lee Humphries

    Banana Split

    Making a banana split with a Magnum and a Plantain won't taste too flash. Especially as most varieties of Plantains are used to make savoury dishes.

    Proper "Lady Fingers" (from Samoa preferably) are better (although too small for a banana split), and if you really want them hot they'll cook through a lot faster on the blades than the plantains.

    Maybe we should start a supercomputer cooking segment? This sun gear has more than enough storage for a few recipes.

  8. Andrew Alcock

    Here's the pictures...

    ... and boy is it a big switch

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