back to article HP's storage gets a case of the greens

HP is going greener than a green thing from a green land with its latest storage boxes HP has popped out three, new EVA boxes that contribute to its energy efficient computing agenda. Customers will find the EVA4100, 6100 and 8100 midrange boxes, which apparently chew threw 45 per cent less power than their predecessors while …


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Great marketing spin

I can't imagine that I am the only person to notice the obvious marketing spin in this statement from HP:

"HP also claimed a green hue. Its new LTO-4 Ultrium 1840 tape drive consumes 50 per cent fewer watts per gigabyte than previous gear"

For those that missed it (including the usally very sharp Reg staff) LTO-4 technology offers twice the capacity of LTO-3 so it's probably not all that suprising that new LTO-4 drives (from HP or anyone else) consume 50% fewer watts per gigabyte.

In essence this statement just says that HPs new LTO-4 drives use exactly the same amount of power as their old ones, which hardly represents a step towards greener computing but no doubt looks impressive on a press release.

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