back to article Hundreds of records unlawfully intercepted by FBI

An internal audit has discovered that the FBI overstepped the mark in intercepting communication records at least 1,000 times since 2002. The figures - based on an analysis of 10 per cent of the bureau's national security investigations over the last five years - are far higher than estimates of 22 wiretap "mistakes" in a …


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What a suprise?

And to those people who say governments -don't- abuse their powers over civilians, I suggest they go take a long walk off a short pier.

I would like to draw attention back to the fingerprinting children in schools issue, a debate which many people claimed was fine for reasons such as "If you have done nothing wrong what do you have to worry about" and the overwhelming and naive view that governments don't abuse their powers.

How many more times do situations like this need to make it to press before people open their eyes and see that things are horribly horribly wrong and that their rights are rapidly dissolving into the quagmire of a police state?

Anonymous Coward

And the rest? NSA CIA?

Yeh, the FBI wiretaps, the LEGALLY done ones, had a mistake rate of 2%.

And the rest? You know, the Narus boxes in violation of FISA?

The records pulled from SWIFT in violation of the Financial Privacy Act?

and whatever we have to find out about, once Gonzales stops pretending not to know about them...

The ones done illegally in direct violation of US & EU law? Those? Remember those?..

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