back to article TeleNav brings user-generated content to GPS

TeleNav has added extra functionality to its latest version, just launched in the US, to allow users to rate restaurants and other businesses, as well as tell everyone how much, and where, they just paid for their petrol. Version 5.2 should be available in the UK over the summer. The current version already allows searching …


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Running before you walk

I am so confused as to why SatNav vendors are not introducing software to allow users to report errors rather than trying to add all these snazzy features that will probably never be used.

I personally couldn't give a toss about all this extra information, but I am very annoyed that my 2007 version of TomTom Navigator has all the road errors of my old version, plus new ones.

One way streets marked as one way the wrong way, streets that don't connect up as they are shown, streets marked as no entry when they aren't really (and vice versa) and so on...

And don't even get me started on the quality of traffic updates - I have not tried one of these yet that is worth it - most cause more problems than they solve, especially around motorways: Because they typically do not collect data for all roads, and they presume any road without data is always totally devoid of traffic, I am often told to leave the M4 to join the A4 because the M4 is travelling @ 49 MPH and I can allegedly do a constant 50MPH on the A4 (They also fail to take into account traffic lights)

Guys... concentrate on improving the basics first!

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